Goal Zero Battery Unboxing + Review


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Mar 10, 2015
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Boston, MA
We just became a Goal Zero dealer in recent months and I took that opportunity to get myself the Goal Zero Yeti 3000x and am putting it to the test! My plan is to travel full time in my truck/camper so I needed a battery setup that would power everything I needed and, with how complicated it is to build a battery setup, this was an amazing option. I thought this was a great time to post my unboxing of the battery and give my first impressions.

At first glance, this thing is amazing. It's packaged well, very well built, and even comes on its own dolly for easy portability as the battery itself is roughly 80lb. Once I plugged it in I was even more impressed. The screen on the front shows you exactly how long until charged, how long until empty, how much input it's getting, and how much power it's putting out when things are plugged in.

Next step was to plug my fridge in once it was 100% charged. I plugged my IceCo VL60 into the 12v plug and away we went! The great thing about most of these fridges is they slow their power draw once they meet temperature so it will just continuously turn on as it needs to cool down some more. Next, I woke up today (Monday) and plugged in my laptop charger and dual monitor and it's handling them great. With the monitor, charger, and fridge running at full blast the battery estimates around 50 hours of runtime until 0% without any solar or vehicle charging added. So that being said, I can basically work an entire work week with my fridge running 24 hours a day and working 8+ hours a day on my computer (with it plugged in constantly). That's impressive! Now my computer is charged and my fridge has reached temp so I unplugged the laptop charger and my battery's new estimate to 0% is 71 hours.

This battery is capable of running virtually anything you need. My next test is my air fryer. I've seen videos of people testing all home appliances such as microwaves, blenders, slow cookers, etc.

Next step is to install my solar panels (I will have 200w of solar) and my vehicle integration kit. The VIK is an amazing addition to the GZ arsenal. It allows you to charge your battery bank using your alternator so it charges while driving. You can also buy a fast charger to get that thing charged up even quicker.

This thing has ports for USB, USB-C, 12v DC, 120V AC, as we
ll as a couple other ports to add an expandable battery setup. If anyone has questions, I'm happy to answer them as I learn more about this thing first hand. We sell all the Goal Zero batteries at Offroad Alliance and are here to help anyone find the right one for them!

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