Gen3 Spod BantamX Install


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Aug 31, 2021
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I installed a Spod 4x4 Bantamx in my truck today. I am wanting to use the factory upfitter switches to control my lighting but the low amperage is very limiting. I didn’t want to install individual relays and also wanted options such as strobing and dimming functions. The Spod has 8 input triggers that will allow me to use the factory upfitters as triggers for the different circuits. I can also group circuits together so that 1 switch can turn on multiple lights.

I didn’t find any other posts on here showing this type of setup in these trucks. So hopefully this might help someone in the future.

I fabricated my own bracket for the bantam in the engine bay. The best spot I found to mount it was on the drivers side. I didn’t want to block access to the factory fuse box on the passenger side. The bracket is made from 304 1/8” stainless and then painted with steel-it.

I ran the wiring across the top of the firewall and then ran my switch cable through the passenger side grommet that isn’t being used. Very easy to run cables and only mildly hard to access from the top of the engine bay. Not easy but not hard.

I mounted the Spod controller in the glove box. It’s required for the system to operate and also gives me more switching/ programming options should I need it. It’s hidden but still easily accessible from the drivers seat.

On a side note, I tried installing the SDHQ ditch light brackets. Ran into multiple issues and wasn’t happy with how they mount. Took them off and will call them tomorrow. Might have to return them and try the SPV parts heavy duty brackets.

Anyway, questions are welcome. Hope this helps someone.


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