Gen1 - Spare tire hoist/winch

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Sep 16, 2021
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Bay Area
I have a 2011 Raptor with aftermarket wheels. The spare tire looked original and I wanted to see what rim it was so I tried to lower the spare tire, but I couldn't get the hoist/winch to lower the tire. The truck was going in for an oil change so I asked the dealer to get the winch working. They returned the truck and told me someone stripped the square female socket in the winch and the part was no longer available. The truck jack kit looked brand new so I had a hard time believing that anyone has ever accessed the spare tire. Short version is that I was able to get the spare tire down, I removed the spare tire winch and the square female socket is a 12mm square socket. The winch is in perfect condition. The tire jack kit has a rod that is closer to 3/8" square, so it was just spinning in there. My guess is I have a standard F150 jack kit and the Raptor jack kit is beefier??? I'd like to get the correct tool to lower the spare tire - does anyone know if the Raptor jack kit is from an F250? I THINK (but don't know) the F250 has a beefier spare tire winch.