Gen 3 in Baja

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May 31, 2019
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The Town
You haven't REALLY experienced Baja until you've purchased gas in a jug and filtered it through a t-shirt. Or traded steekers for a bacon wrapped hotdog. Or invited 30 other racers to sleep on your hotel room floor. Or did a transmission swap in the parking lot of the best hotel in town.
I caught my KTM 690 enduro AND my XR650 on fire in the same day. 690 had a bolt come loose and arc the starter to be stuck on and created an electrical fire. The XR lost an exhaust bolt and caused the luggage bag to shift into the exhaust. Everything was fine until I pulled into Mamá Espinoza and stopped and it didn't have airflow. Both bikes made it back to the border on their own power. Baja is the best :)