Gen 3 boost tubes

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Apr 18, 2020
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Would like details on Cobb+K&N if you have a minute to share. Much appreciated!

In essence its the same as the gen 2 set up.

The boost tubes are a weak link between the turbos and the intake as theyre restrictive. The k&n set up is super solid as obviously k&n is a proven name, but imo it fits better on the gen 3 than the AMS did ones on the gen 2 due to tightness.

The COBB intake is my favorjte CAI. You wont gain 100 horsepower off it. The main benefit is a larger filter, slightly more turbo noise, and some bling under the hood by an awesome company based out of Texas.

I run both. As does Winfield. I think theyre super solid in all honesty and help you keep a slightly cooler temp. But overall its mostly turbo noise and they can be tuned to get a few horsepower off of it. Winfield would be exact figures but maybe 15 if I had to guess? Shoot me a message if youd like and Ill bundle price them together. Ill also link them separately below.

Turns out I need to create a website profile for the k&n boost tubes but Ill work on that tonight.

But its solo retail price is $399


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Jan 6, 2023
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Albuquerque NM
Gen 3 here. I have the Full-Race intercooler. It came with some hard pipes, but not all of them. I have a couple of K&N ones to make up the rest of the system. I also run the COBB carbon fiber intake and it all works together. The Full-Race tubes are down under. K&N tubes up top. Edited to add pictures.


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