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GEN 2 Gauge Programming Help Needed

Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Audio/Video/Electronics Forum [GEN 2]' started by Traffic22, Jun 1, 2020.

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    I recently purchased an UltraGauge to keep an eye on things. I know numerical values can be enabled in Forescan but I’m not comfortable manipulating the Can Bus. (I know others are, but that’s just not my thing.)

    I won’t get into the details of the UltraGauge too much, other than to say it was the right form factor for what I was looking for. I have a PLX OBD reader, but using my phone, or keeping a dedicated phone in the truck is a pain. The UltraGauge powers up with the truck and reads almost all the parameters I’m looking for.

    What I did find out when I installed it is none of the manufacturers specific protocols are being read. Trans temp is one such parameter.

    I’ve been doing research looking for the the PIDs and protocol language. It’s easy to find for Ford’s 6 speed transmission, but not the 10.

    During my research, I stumbled across an awesome Ford document, which is too big to upload, so I’ll work on creating a drop box link for it. It covers a lot of F150 technical data.

    I am hoping someone much smarter than me, can help me figure out the parameters I need to program into the is a little info...hopefully someone can give me some guidance.....

    This is the programming screen with the correct programming for the Ford 6 speed.


    Transmission Temp #1 (*C)
    Abbr1: TFT Abbr2: *C (This sets the text abbreviation that is displayed with the gauge value)
    TDATA: 07E121D9000000 (This is the manufacturer code to access the parameter)
    TCTRL: 92 RCTRL: 10 (This tells UltraGauge how to send the code and where in the response the gauge value can be found)
    RPOS: 0810 MTCH: 210000 ( This tells UltraGauge how many bytes the data is and where it is in the vehicle's response)
    X: 0001 /: 0100 +: FFD8 (This is the math applied to the response to render the gauge)
    Out Format: 00 Ave: 00 (Special Formatting such as Temperature, or pressure, etc.)
    Left/Right: 32 (number of digits to display too the left and right of the decimal point)

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Link to very interesting Ford informational doc....

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