Front and rear suspension upgrade

Cody Templeton

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Oct 29, 2020
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Des Moines, IA
After much reading around and research I believe I've finally get my setup narrowed down. Wanting something that rides nicely on the street but can take some good abuse offroad. Here's the current plan:

19+ OEM live valve front shocks
KHC front coil buckets
Geiser Gen 1 front springs on middle perch
OEM Gen 1 front spring perches
SDI E-CLIK live valve controller with harness
19+ OEM live valve rear shocks
KHC Gen 2 rear shock adapters
Deaver +3 rear springs
Camburg extended rear spring shackles
SVC Offroad adjustable rear bump stop system

As far as I know the Geisers on mid perch are the same as the stock springs on high perch, so I believe with the +3 Deavers and the Camburg extended shackles it should sit pretty well level. This would also give full control over the live valve shocks, as well as giving 15" of rear travel, and also that the 3.0 shocks supposedly last 5-6x as long as the stock 2.5's. Also from what I'm reading the SVC bump stop system also can be setup to give more capacity for towing/hauling, so I would be able to ditch the Roadmaster Active Suspension.

Originally I was looking at the Mikra Manufacturing front shock adapters, but they will not fit the live valve shocks. Should I maybe just get some 17-18 OEM 3.0's and not worry about doing the live valve shocks and controller? It's looking like a set of Gen 1 Fox 3.0 non-adjustable coilovers is around 2500, which would include everything for the front. The Mikra adapters, Geisers, and brand new 17-18 OEM 3.0's are about 2000, but I'm assuming you could get take-offs for the shocks for cheaper.

Suggestions? Comments?
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