From 22 Wildtrack to 23 Raptor

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Apr 26, 2023
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Last week I decided to join the Raptor club.
Funny I was in the market for a Bronco Raptor and after 25 calls of being laughed off the phone for even mentioning paying under 20k over sticker. I was just about to give up. Then I got a call from a kind dealer in Maryland about an F150 Raptor for MSRP.

And I got to thinking. I always wanted a pickup.

I waited 2 years for my Bronco and only had it for 3 months. It was good but coming from a challenger it was missing the fun aspect. So I thought a Bronco raptor could add back the fun factor.

I have to tell you within 30 seconds of getting behind the wheel I fell in love. It has a level of comfort I never experienced and the fun factor is almost hilariously fun for a truck of this size. Not to mention the insane practicality. The rear seat legroom reminds me of sitting I. JetBlue even more space.

I don’t miss the Bronco especially after the 4 hour drive to Maryland and the cabin noise. The F150 is silent compared to it.

The bronco raptor is no longer an option for me they can keep the 25k adm I am hooked!! Lol