FRF's "Havoc in the Hills" Raptor Event - 9/26/13-9/29/13

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    You know "The Next Big Raptor Event" the guys at GLRE have been teasing everyone with? Yup...this is it. I will personally be assisting Mark and Jason in organizing the first ever Official FRF Raptor Run!

    Please read below for all event details and feel free to ask any questions. I look forward to seeing the turnout at this event and meeting as many FRF members as possible. The Rausch Creek Offroad Park is well within a 12 hour drive of most major cities in the Northeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, so I feel it is an incredibly accessible central location for the majority of FRF members. We have some great sponsors and special events planned for the weekend so stay tuned as FRF's Havoc in the Hills evolves!!

    Click Here to Register (the registration menu is at the end of the Havoc in the Hills information!)
    Registration will close on 8/31/2013!!

    The Ford Raptor Forum has joined forces with Great Lakes Raptor Excursions in setting up a large scale Ford F-150 Raptor gathering in the heart of Eastern Pennsylvania’s “Coal Country.” This is going to be a 3 day event based out of Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Tremont, PA. We have rented more than 1500 acres of the park which will be exclusive to the participants of this event. Participants will receive event t-shirts, swag packs (including sponsor items, stickers and/or brochures) and door placards. This event will not only be an opportunity to drive off-road but will also be one of the few events in the United States that will offer the participants to receive off-road driving instruction by professional racing drivers and the Rausch Creek ORP staff. The “Havoc in the Hills” event will be raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This event is going to take place September 26-29th, 2013.

    Event Breakdown

    453 Molleystown Rd
    Tremont PA 17981

    Thursday (9/26/2013)
    Event registration at hotel beginning at 7pm in the Comfort Inn Main Lobby

    Friday (9/27/2013) presented by
    8am mandatory driver’s meeting with GLRE & RCORP staff.
    After the driver’s meeting there will be a paced recon lap lead by GLRE support staff.
    After pace lap trucks will stage and begin running the course.
    Approximately 7pm the course will be shut down for the banquet & charity raffle.

    Banquet & Charity Raffle presented by:
    The banquet will begin at 6pm shortly after everyone gets dinner the Charity Raffle will begin.
    After the banquet & raffle the Rausch Creek Staff will be having a bonfire at the park for event participants.

    Saturday (9/28/2013) presented by:
    8am mandatory driver’s meeting with GLRE & RCORP staff.
    After the driver’s meeting there will be a paced recon lap (the course is changing from Friday to Saturday) lead by GLRE support staff.
    After pace lap trucks will stage and begin running the course.
    Approximately 6pm we’ll break for dinner, support staff will begin changing the course for the night run.

    Night Run
    Off-Road Auxillary Lighting is Required to participate in the night run!!
    Approximately 8pm there will be paced recon lap lead by GLRE support staff.
    After the pace lap trucks will stage and begin running the course until 11-11:30pm

    Sunday (9/29/2013) presented by:
    8am mandatory driver’s meeting with GLRE & RCORP staff.
    It's not a GLRE event without some proper trail running, Sunday will be a 6hr+ guided trail run... What you will see & where we're going is a surprise!

    One thing that most event to date have not have offered for participants is off-road driving instruction and for this event we have some special guests that are volunteering their time to come out and offer to share the expertise & knowledge when it comes to high speed off-roading and technical driving. The GLRE would like to welcome a couple of very special “honorary” support drivers for this event:
    photos courtesy of Heavy Metal Concepts


    Primary Hotel:
    Comfort Inn
    433 Suedberg Road , Pine Grove, PA, US, 17963
    Phone: (570) 345-8031Fax: (570) 345-2308
    Reservation is under "FRF" or "Ford Raptor Forum"
    Room rate: $65.00 a night

    Overflow hotels:
    Relax Inn
    32 rooms
    WiFi - HBO

    Econo Lodge
    51 Rooms Available
    HBO / ESPN

    Hampton Inn
    481 Suedberg Road
    Pine Grove, PA 17963
    (570) 345-4505

    Mention you are wheeling at Rausch Creek for rate discount!


    There is primitive (no services) camping available at the Rausch Creek ORP, we are charging $15.00 per person for the weekend for those interested in camping. The $15.00 is to help cover the cost of port-a-jons in the camping area.

    for those looking for a more well equipped campground here are some more options:
    Echo Valley Campground
    Judy Finch
    52 Camp Rd
    Tremont, PA 17981
    (570) 695-3659
    Echo Valley Campground Home Page

    Camp-A-While, Exit 112 of Interstate 81

    Camp A While Campground

    Twin Grove Park & Campground
    1445 Suedberg Road
    Pine Grove, PA 17963
    (717) 865-4602
    Twin Grove Park Campground Pine Grove, PA

    Every truck must have these items at a minimum before participating:
    1. Working 4wd
    2. All maintenance up to date and no major issues
    3. Decent tires: We’re not going to go around and checking everyone’s tires but if you have very little remaining tread do us a favor and get them replaced before the event.
    4. Spare tire/tires secured and located in the bed of the truck. Contact WSI for mounting solutions
    5. Helmet(s) - Mandatory for the closed course/high speed areas
    6. Tow strap at least 20’ and rated to pull the truck and 2 D rings
    8. Boots: You may have to get out into mud so have the appropriate footwear.
    9. Outdoor clothing: This event is rain or shine so like above have the appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

    Recommended additional items:
    1. You do not need a Co-pilot but it is recommended to help with communication traffic and navigating the trails. Plus it’s more fun with someone in the truck with you.
    2. VHF/FRS radio
    3. Navigation: Lowrance, Garmin, Android/Apple tablet with an offroad map app.
    4. 5 gallons extra gas
    5. A Come along
    6. Floor jack and some wood blocks to help support it in soft surfaces
    7. Auxiliary lighting* Optional for the event, but REQUIRED to participate in the KC HiLites Night Run
    8. First Aid Kit
    9. Tools

    Havoc in Hills Rules:

    . 100% Sober Driving.

    · Alcohol consumption will not be tolerated on trails or any time you are driving. Remember the park is private property and they do not allow alcohol on premises.

    · Illegal drug use will not be tolerated. Same as alcohol consumption

    · Do not tailgate

    · No littering, leave the park in better condition than you arrived

    · Know the limitations of your driving abillity and your Raptor in the conditions.

    · No whiners!

    · Everyone in your vehicle must have a filled out GLRE & RCORP waiver. NO Exceptions! You will not be allowed to participate without everyone having a completed waiver.

    Radio Frequencies
    151.820 MHz Bandwidth 11.25 kHz
    151.880 MHz Bandwidth 11.25 kHz
    151.940 MHz Bandwidth 11.25 kHz

    Please make sure that your radio is programmed for these frequencies.

    Registration Costs:
    $250.00 per truck (includes Driver + 1 CoDriver)
    $50.00 per additional passenger
    Camping is $15.00 per person for the weekend, this is to cover costs of the port-a-jons in the camping area.

    Click Here to Register (the registration menu is at the end of the Havoc in the Hills information!)
    Registration will close on 8/31/2013!!

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    Great Lakes Region

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    Ford Motor Company- Warriors in Pink

    More sponsors coming...

    Attending Vendors

    ICON Vehicle Dynamics
    WSI Raptor Fabrication
    Krazy House Customs
    Freedom Motorsports
    Great Lakes Raptor Excursions
    Livernois Motorsports
    Bars Products
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    Havoc in the Hills Raffle Rules

    Who it’s open to
    •The raffle is only open to the registered drivers & Raptor owners participating in the Havoc in the Hills event

    Price of the raffle
    • Red tickets will be $20 (Top 5 Prizes)
    • Blue tickets will be $10 (All other prizes)
    a.Raffle participants can purchase as many tickets of either color.
    b. Participants can win multiple items

    How the Raffle will be conducted
    •Must be present to win

    Blue Raffle Tickets
    •There will be one bin for all of the blue tickets
    • Blue Raffle tickets will be drawn and assigned a prize working from lowest to Highest valued item.
    •Great Lakes Raptor Excursions will have a list of the raffle items suggested value.

    Red Raffle Tickets
    •The top 5 raffle items will each have a bin in front of them.
    •Participants can place as many raffle tickets in whichever bin desired.
    •Great Lakes Raptor Excursions will state which prize is being raffled off then pull one ticket from the bin associated with that item.

    Raffle Donation
    • 100% of the raffle funds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help find a cure for this disease.
    •The donation will be made under the Corporation/Organization name “FRF's Havoc in the Hills Participants”

    Registered Participants:
    00 Worldtour
    _1 Kanakry
    _2 WSI
    _3 BirdMan
    _4 Yukon Joe
    _5 Fred
    _6 Fletch74
    _7 Caverndiver
    _8 Ben0326
    _9 WolfnNC
    10 LabRaptor
    11 FarFromStock
    12 Java
    13 Pat'sRaptor
    14 BearClaw
    15 Mouldman1
    16 Chuckletheknucklehead
    17 All the Way
    18 IRONMAN
    19 CharlestonBoy
    20 RaptuRR
    21 BigBlue
    22 Dan06
    23 Lug
    24 Freedom Motorsports
    25 Hockster
    26 RaptorRetrofit
    27 Sitdown
    28 Nohel
    29 Jeffb1051
    30 TheProperedneck
    31 Simms70
    32 Jrodrg
    33 Oblivion
    34 BlockDoc
    35 MTUH3
    36 Outcast
    37 SVT_4X4
    38 BigBlueBalls
    39 FTRPowersports
    40 pwjstruebig
    41 Huck
    42 KHC
    43 KHC
    44 Tvibe
    45 MattMeyer89
    46 AbaZappa
    47 SharperTouch
    48 Warsurfer
    49 07Alloy
    50 Biggest
    51 Appetites1
    52 OrangeAddict
    53 BigRed1097
    54 Dominus
    55 Kurt
    56 UPScrazy8
    57 Naptown
    58 Dfass16
    59 Slvrtros
    60 KMandoske
    61 JPatsko
    62 John W
    63 Scott1446
    64 JRaptor11
    65 M64D Raptor
    67 azamens
    68 Dorr Raptor
    69 Silver Raptor
    70 RaptorsR4Girlz2
    71 Redondo
    72 Crazyhair
    73 Vince7870
    74 MustangRaptorkid
    75 Matbos80
    76 Juggnuttz
    77 DevilDevil
    78 Just Zondo
    79 Moto125
    80 The Joker

    and 4343 Molten Motorsports "Fred"
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    Nov 16, 2011
    Oak Island, NC
    we are in!!!

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    Feb 12, 2013
    Dutchess County NY
    Count me in!
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  5. 6.2

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    Jul 11, 2010
    Very cool.
    Love the Breast cancer research aspect as well.

    sounds like it will be an epic few days!
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    NW Indiana
    Count me in again!
  7. Yukon Joe

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    Nov 16, 2011
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    damn it... the logo is now pink...
    I'm NOT changing my wrap!
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    I'm in like flint.
  9. Fred

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    Ha...I finally know...I am in folks...only 4 and a half hours away...

    Hot Damn...

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    I think I am in! Will this is a closed corse event or will there be long distance runs like at Snoball available? Limit to the # of trucks?

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