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    2011 Ford SVT Raptor

    The world may be going to small cars right now, but when civilization ends, you need to hope there's a 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor in your driveway.

    It's uncivilized in all the right ways.

    Post-apocalyptic life will require a gun-running, off-road monster able to handle the daily chores of killing off the infected, scouring for food in impassable areas and rescuing friends from certain death and destruction. Try that in the Ford Fiesta.

    The Raptor can transform almost anyone into an action hero. It's muscle and power and tough and beautiful. It's in your face like a bouncer at closing time, and it's meaner than a drill sergeant during the first week of boot camp. But when you end up on a dirt trail, this truck rewards you with absolute horrifying fun.

    You don't take this truck to work, you take it to war. Work is just there so you can afford a good stockpile.

    This is the kind of turn-key performance off-road beast built to fly over bumps and humps and stumps, while shooting zombies out the passenger window. Secretly, about half the people in the world want to be among the 1 percent of the population to survive a nuclear blast, meteor strike or deadly virus. Ask any guy.

    We've been in the Ford truck business here since 1936. If we can help you with any of your hauling or transportation needs please let us know...... Thanks and good luck bidding !

    Please see photos for details / FREE DELIVERY up to 1,500 miles / please give me a call for prior approval

    For more information please call Sonny at 352-516-4020 or email at [email protected] Thanks for looking!

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