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Feb 8, 2021
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Hey everyone, I haven’t been on in awhile. My Raptor has been sitting for well over a year. Backstory. Gen 1 was my dream truck. Bought a used 2010 with the 5.4 and about 150k miles. Decided to throw common sense out the window and started putting money in. The area in question is the motor. I decided to do a fresh timing kit. New melins oil pump. New plugs,new coils, new injectors (larger), new phasers with lock outs, full exhaust (headers back)…and put a pro charger on. Being in Northern Michigan it was tough to find anyone local that wanted to touch the motor. I ended up installing the pro charger myself, which was fine, I’m no scrub, however. The tune was a tough one. I found a shop out east, I’ll have to look back tho it was, but they set me up with “close” knowing it would need a bit more work. After the truck was put back together, it did fairly well as a daily, boost was about 8-9 lbs which was planned pre tune and I had found a guy downstate with a dunk that offered to work with the tune company to do live adjustments one day. (Never got there). Coming home from work one day I pulled up to a stop light and had smoke coming out my intake. Before things got bad it was parked. Full oil change in motor and procharger. Both seemed fine. Best guess from friends and my own observations is a head gasket failure. Not the end of the world but it was enough to stop the truck cold. Now I’m weighing options. Do I just fix the gasket and chase after the tune again/ have the motor pulled and rebuilt maybe bore? Which is another tune and parts/ get a crate and just swap parts as needed and put procharger on and chase a tune with a fresh motor/ or swap the motor completely. 6l? Coyote? Any links to success from other members would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Oct 27, 2018
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so many stories here...#1 way to ruin a good truck is to SUPER CHARGE it. Good luck op. Hope someone can assist you.


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Aug 28, 2022
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Livernois is in MI and from what i hear the upgrades are worth it but it seems the tuning is the problem in terms of reliability


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Dec 16, 2016
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what’s your budget and use case?
@MurderedOutSVT - I know that engine bay is way to clean for the likes of you, but before this gent creates a new window edition Jen Juan, what do you think?

I’d personally do a tear down first. With this much invested, it seems a damn shame to swap out the long block. But get an eye on the costs first. IDK about the 5.4 availability, but I heard from a trusted FRF that the 6.2 long blocks were becoming a bit of a challenge to get.

so many stories here...#1 way to ruin a good truck is to SUPER CHARGE it. Good luck op. Hope someone can assist you.
Yeah, to do it the right way, you have to address the engine’s weak points. IIRC there’s an oil pump that’s fine for stock, not so much for supernatural aspiration. Probably a few more things to upgrade to do it the right way. If you just slap a blower on and roll out, don’t expect a long engine life.