Finally got a VIN + price increases + carbon


Jul 8, 2021
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New York
I ordered a retail order '21 last July that got switched to a '22 last Sep/Oct. Just got the VIN last week with estimated March 7 build week.

At the time of the switch to '22 the dealer said his rep told him to order it as stock for some reason, which is what happened, but I haven’t signed anything and as it is “stock” they think they will charge me whatever the MSRP is at time of delivery. Pretty annoying to say the least as the truck was originally retail. Happy to have the order though and a family member does a lot of commercial business with the dealership so I don’t think they are looking to fck me but still…

Have done a pretty good job of setting expectations low as drove myself mad tracking a Rubicon when the new JLs were released in 2018 (I think), so not sure when to expect the arrival of the Raptor. Maybe by Memorial Day?

Also, was told that Carbon package wasn't available last fall due to shortages so to order without - have folks been receiving '22s with Carbon?

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