Finally got a Raptor

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Feb 4, 2023
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Lake Zurich IL
After balking at many gen 1s and gen 2s to play the tuned super duty game, the government has shut down the tuning world and I moved back to the f150 game. Couldnt bring myself to pay near sticker for a nice used gen 2 and got the money together to move up to a new gen 3 but the insane ADM on new and $10k over sticker on used made it undesirable. found a great deal on a new f150 tremor and really liked that truck a lot. Then one day stumbled upon a used gen 3 fir a pretty awesome price. Went to check it out and it was absolutely immaculate and had zero issues that a lot of the gen 3s were having In 27k miles plus got dealer to give me more then I paid for my tremor haha. I'm finally a very very proud owner of a 2021 f150 Raptor. Love this truck and sorry I waited so long. Cant wait to learn from this forum and make this thing mine


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