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Apr 12, 2012
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Designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, the XL Linkable offers complete adjustability without sacrificing performance. Unlike conventional one-piece light bars with limited vertical adjustability, the Baja Design XL Linkable provides enhanced versatility with 45 degrees of vertical pitch adjustment within each light or the entire unit. Completely independent horizontal adjustment of 20 degrees per light allows for straight or arc configurations to match the lines of your vehicle perfectly.

The XL Linkable is composed of our very popular XL Sport light but with a twist. Instead of the regular XL housing, the XL Linkable uses our moto housing for a slim and lightweight design. Each housing is linked individually with our aircraft-rated 6061 extruded aluminum links. We offer the light bar in a 3 through 8-light configuration. We also provide an individual XL Linkable Light Bar Add-a-Light kit in the event you need to add additional light to your setup. This is possible due to the XL Linkable's simple and modular design.



Superior Performance
At Baja Designs, we proudly embrace our slogan 'The Scientists of Lighting.' Committed to excellence, we meticulously test new technologies to maintain our position as the market's premier lighting experts. We are always looking to innovate and make our circuitry more effective while providing more light for our customers. Our latest XL Sport board, featured on every XL Pod in our Linkable system, is the most efficient and powerful motherboard yet. As of 2022, all XL Sports lights have our updated circuit board for increased performance and output. Our current output for an XL Sport light is 3,162 Lumens, 30.36 Watts, and 2.2 Amps per light.

What comes in a Vehicle-specific kit? VSK available here!
Depending on your vehicle, we might offer a tailored kit just for you. With all vehicle-specific kits, you will receive an XL Linkable light bar, vehicle-specific brackets, rock guards, hardware, harness, pre-load kit, instruction, and a lifetime warranty. If you encounter any challenges during the installation of our kit, our tech team is available to guide you through any questions you may have.

What comes in a Universal XL Linkable Light Bar? Universal available here!
Need a customized setup for your vehicle? Look no further; we've got you covered. Our Universal XL Linkable package includes the XL Linkable light bar, rock guards, universal harness, and preload kit. This allows the flexibility to tailor your vehicle to your liking while providing the essentials for your setup. Additionally, we offer the XL Universal Brackets for those seeking a simple yet personalized solution.

Lighting Zones
The XL Linkable is intricately designed to provide the smoothest light blend while driving, ensuring an unmatched behind-the-wheel experience. With its focus on illuminating zones 2, 3, and 4, our light bar delivers optimal brightness and balance. Opting for a Baja Designs Solution brings the additional benefit of customization, allowing you to adjust the light bar to suit your preferences. Our lights are intentionally designed with Uservice, enabling easy lens replacement and pattern adjustment without voiding the lifetime warranty.

Baja Designs ELS

We created the “EFFECTIVE LIGHTING SCORE”(ELS) to help describe lighting performance in the off-road space. While many companies claim their lights project further, we believe that there is much more that goes into lighting. We prioritize Blend Angle/ Blendability/ Distance and Output to create the best experience possible while off-roading. This is from countless behind-the-wheel testing that we have done to create the best behind-the-wheel solution possible. We strongly recommend checking out our behind-the-wheel simulator, which imports some of our more popular model measurements and how they compare against other models and lighting companies.


If you're in search of a versatile light bar with numerous customization possibilities, look no further than the XL Linkable. Whether you have specific preferences or a particular driving style, this solution can be finely tuned to meet your needs. Engineered and rigorously tested by passionate enthusiasts, it guarantees optimal performance and full adjustability in lighting. If you have any inquiries or need assistance from our team, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you create the perfect lighting package tailored just for you.

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