Evil MFG Rear Bumper Install

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Aug 10, 2019
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Austin, TX
Just wrapped up the install of my Evil rear bumper and wanted to share some info and photos sense there's not a lot of info on this install of this bumper online. This bumper is easily installed with basic tools in a driveway by someone that works on their own vehicles.

Feedback on Construction/Finish/Evil
- Construction is solid, welds are good, don't expect Kibbetech beautiful tig welds but for the price the craftsmanship looks on point.
- Paint- solid
- Shipping/Wrapping- good, see pics
- weight- easily picked up by 1 person, I used 2 jack stands to suspend when I was bolting up to frame
- Overall experience with Evil MFG/Doug (CEO) - Great. Doug responds to emails/calls same day on questions and helped out some on price. The license plate hitch mount that was sent with the bumper was wrong but he's sending me a new one, no big deal and quick to help on the resolution!

Bumper removal- basically same as Gen2 (I had a SVC bumper on my GEN2)- this video outlines everything . The only gotcha is removing the top plastic part. The gen3 plastic tabs easily break when pulling it off so I had to get under the bumper and pinch them while pushing up on the plastic top part. Pain in the ass and still broke a few but salvaged enough for the bumper to go back together for whomever buys it off me. Trailer connector clip was also a pain to disconnect. Everything else easy.

Install & Lessons Learned
- Drop your spare before you do it. I'm moving mine to a bed cage so I removed everything while working on rear bumper.
-Overall bolt up was easy but I made the mistake of not installing any of the backup sensor housings prior to having it back on the truck. Definitely put these in BEFORE bolting up the bumper, you will probably need to wait on the trailer connector to be able to tighten the bolts but the backup sensor housings and license plate LEDs should go on before putting it on the truck, will save you some skin on your knuckles.
- The electrical harness on the back driver side of the frame will need to be removed to slide the bumper on, you will have to zip tie this as the hole on the frame where the clip attaches will be covered up by the bumper horns.
- use a dremel to smooth the backup sensor housings and be prepared to smooth any imperfections on the inside after you insert them because they can get a little distorted in the install process. The fit is TIGHT.

- The tailgate rests on the bumper even with it pushed all the way down in the existing slots on the frame horns. I think if you dremeled them out about 1/4 to 1/2 in you can open the tailgate open with the proper clearance. I will probably do this in the future but was too tired to unbolt the bumper this week.
- There is 4 mounting bolts to mount bumper to the frame end points. It looks like you can run another 1/2 to 5/8 bolt through the frame and tabs on the hitch receiver part of the bumper, this was not included with the kit but I'll probably add myself after a trip to local hardware store.

Still need to bob the bed, will probably knock that out this weekend.



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Feb 23, 2019
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Good write up. But isn’t it a big deal that tailgate rests on it? Seems a recipe for dented tailgate.


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Apr 12, 2019
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Sucks that it hits the tailgate and needs modded but not a big deal really. Kinda looks unfinished without a dove tail. DO IT!