Does anybody remember this truck.owner?

Discussion in 'Prospective Raptor Owners' started by Waddy, Feb 14, 2018.

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    Jan 24, 2018
    Please let me know if this is inappropriate, it may be borderline stalky, lol

    But while I was looking at Raptors for sale I came across a beaut, modded blue flame SCrew in Georgia, based on the look of the truck I was thinking the former owner would probably be on FRF. So I did a search on 'bronze Fuel Anza wheels, raptor' and turns out the truck was owned by a user here 'TheBlueBerry'.

    He only made 60 posts, and hasn't posted since June last year. But I was wondering if anybody on here remembers the guy, knows him, could put us in touch so i could ask some questions about the history.

    This is the truck, I'm liking it. The list price is above my budget, but i'm hoping the dealer is open for negotiations


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