Do you have to pay msrp to buy a raptor?

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    Apr 16, 2011
    WHen I went to order I started makeing some calls . I know the owner of a small Ford dealer and he said he would sell it to me for invoice ( yah he is still makeing plenty of money) He however has jerked me around in the past , so I called one of the larger dealers in the area to keep him honest . I know allot of people at this secound dealer. Well they start looking as I am on the phone with them and they have the exsact truck I was going to order do in on rail the next day , price is MSRP though. I was like dam I will call you back . I called them back with in the houre and put $500.00 down to hold it . With in 2 hours of me doing this two more buyers were in line behind me incase I bailed and two dealers had tried tradeing for it .
    In the end I was NOT happy about MSRP , however if I would have ordered I would not have got the truck I wanted do to material shortages last year . It would have been no NAV and No Tux black . SO not haveing to wait and getting the truck I wanted help take the sting out of it . As it turns out I traded in a 08 Edge a few months after I boought the Rapter on a New Edge and they more then made up for the MSRP bullshit on the Raptor , so it all turned out .

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