Detailing Efficiency Trick: How to Wash then Clay & Wax in just ONE step

Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Cleaning and Detailing Forum' started by [email protected], Jun 3, 2016.

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    People are constantly searching for tips, tricks & life-hacks, and detailers are no exception. So, when Yvan mentioned he had a trick up his sleeve for performing some common detailing tasks more efficiently, we knew we had to make a video about it!

    Granted, this isn't a Raptor they're working on, but the same principles apply to nearly any vehicle. :biggrin:

    NOTE: For vehicles with heavy amounts of mud and dirt or majorly caked-on bugs, etc. It's definitely a wise choice to pre-soak the vehicle with something like diluted Optimum Power Clean and remove the really nasty stuff prior to a general wash.

    Anyway, enjoy the show and leave some comments on it if you're feeling generous!


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