Daily driver roush raptor anyone???

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Jul 2, 2021
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Brand new Falken A/T3 Tires are probably aired up a bit too much honestly... I used to run my old BF's (which were waaaay worn out and were rocking a couple bolts that did an admirable job of holding air pressure) around 40psi, but I think the shop aired up the new tires when they went on a few weeks ago up in the 50's... I really do need to drop them back down.

I replaced the shocks about 18months ago, so that really isn't new (adjusted the perch at that time). Side note on that though - I had Schrader Valves installed on my new (rebuilt) set, but I'm not really sure on how to check nitrogen pressure or where to get them recharged... I've asked around at some of the shops here and just gotten blank stares :rolleyes:

I've had the JDM tune on my Roush Stage 2 for a lil over a year now, and yes I got into FORSCAN as soon as I bought my truck a few years back and lowered the tire pressure warning (amongst a couple other things). :)
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