CVF Titan v2 Intercooler tested


Dec 14, 2021
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Las Vegas
Decided to install CVF's new Titan v2 Intercooler in my 2019 Raptor. 38K miles. Stock ECU, no other engine mods.

Core is definitely thicker than OEM. Definitely higher quality and finish than OEM.

(CVF Titan v2)


Compared side by side (CVF Titan v2 back) (OEM front) IMG_0851.jpeg

It's a very tight fit so here's my installation notes, took me 5 hours to install due to many trial and errors so here's some tips to make your install not as long as mine:
  1. The new intercooler is heavier, a floor jack is recommended to help raise it to position. Use a 2x4 between the jack and intercooler to protect finish and structure (it's Aluminum)
  2. When removing the assembly from the vehicle be careful of the BOV cable, it's not easily visible and parts of the wire harness is taped to the assembly. Have a knife the cut the tape.
  3. Air guides definitely needs to be removed, however any trimming of shroud is not necessary.
  4. Have a shop towel on hand to wipe some oil from the chargepipes. Especially if you have a higher mileage Raptor. Mine had 38K miles and there were some.
  5. During re-install, position the intercooler fan first then have an assistant raise the intercooler into the position with a floor jack. The floor jack will help keep it while you do step 4.
  6. Re-install the hoses only after the the intercooler is in place. Do not yet tighten the clamps but it's a good idea to push the hoses as far as they go. If you do this, trimming of the shroud is not needed. Make sure the clamp screws are indexed so that they can easily be turned at your working angle.
  7. Once the hoses are in place (not tightened) you may remove the jack. The grip of the hoses are enough to keep the assemblies in place at this point.
  8. Re-install the lower intercooler bracket. I found it easier to start by bolting down the driver side of the bracket.


I used Forscan lite to datalog runs. Did 3 15-85mph passes with 5 minute cool down in between to simulate real world conditions and to add gradual heat-soaking.

Baseline 3rd pass: Maximum charge air temp was 145 degrees (F). Ambient that morning was 95 deg (F). Maximum difference from ambient 50 degrees (F).
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 5.17.28 PM.png

Post CVF Titan v2 install - 3rd run: Maximum charge air temp was 127 degrees (F). Ambient on that afternoon was 102 degrees (F). Maximum difference from ambient 25 degrees (F).
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 5.12.21 PM.png

  1. The ambient temp rose that afternoon after the install.
  2. Notice during mid-pull and at load the charge air temp started dropping to 20 degrees (F) above ambient.
  3. While max temp difference is only 25 degrees from ambient, it's very short transitory. Compared to stock where temps gradually climb. Majority of the pull the temp actually dropped to the lowest diff from ambient (better) longer duration.

Truck feels better around town especially when you give it some throttle around 40-60mph with smoother accelleration. Overall, I'm impressed on the performance of the Titan v2 on the Raptor. It's silly Ford used such a small stock OEM intercooler for such a big truck. Definitely a must have especially if you live in warmer climates and/or planning on doing future power modifications.

Thanks to @CVF-Jason for answering my questions during the install.
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Oct 31, 2021
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Just installed mine . I can definitely feel a difference. Did you put the fans back on? I did but I have yet to see them turn on. I have seen idling temps of 145 and still no fans. The IC definitely cools well under boost . I wonder if I even need the fans since they don’t turn on now. Does anyone know when they are set to kick on? If they are no longer kicking on seems like an airflow restriction.

Rick Luna

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Aug 17, 2020
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Oxnard CA
I've thought about doing this but I live in an area that is know for strawberries because of our cool weather year round. Doubt I would see a huge benefit. Low 56/High 72