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Custom tune

Discussion in '5 Star Tuning' started by GBrown1867, May 5, 2015.

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    Dec 21, 2010
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    I can’t say enough about how helpful Mike and his staff have been. I purchased my truck in 2011 and one of my first upgrades was a 5 Star tune. Never had any issues and have never had a light come on even running long tube headers.
    After rolling my truck and the rebuild was completed in 2014. I contacted Mike and explained the new build, gearing etc. and asked for a more aggressive tune. Within 24 hours I had a new tune for my truck via email.
    After driving my truck for a while and losing the off-road mode because all of my baby sitter electronics have been removed. I contacted Mike again and asked if there was a way we could get off-road mode back. He decided to use the tow haul button as the new off-road mode switch (Since that circuit still worked)
    Again within 24 hours I had my new tune. After installing it I could tell an immediate difference when I activated the switch. Last weekend was the first time my truck made it through a run with no issues (none related to the tune) and I was able to get used to the new tune. Works much better and with a little more tweaking will be a huge improvement over not having the off-road mode.
    Thanks Mike for your continued support.
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