Colorado/Utah fun!


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Aug 25, 2019
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This is my first time off road with my Raptor and I gotta say 1 thing......OMG does this truck ROCK! Been out there with my old '02 F150 but this truck is WORLD's better (not like I need to really tell anyone here). Just came back from 2 weeks out west and had a blast.

I hit 2 trails in Colorado and 4 in Utah. I had my dash cam running for the good ones. I tried to prep by watching other videos but that only gets you so far......enjoy the commentary, too!

- Medano Pass:
Nice trail and had fun. Took it slow. It was a bit rockier than I expected but a good trail. Only thing is the NPS needs to trim some brush. It was getting narrow near the end. Pi$$ed that some branches scratched my truck (I'll need to buff them out). Outside of that...FUN! Was awesome to meet a NP ranger in a Gen-2 (1:42:40)

- Imogene Pass:
Way more technical than I was expecting. And to think I was originally wanting to do Black Bear??? Shish. After I setteled my nerves and took a breath, it was a matter of taking my time and taking it slow. A lot rockier than what I thought. Beautifil at the top! There were 2 Jeeps and a Land Cruiser on that came on the trail that day and......yeah......the FORD made it to the summit first!

- Hurrah Pass:
Very nice side trail but there was a lot of washouts as it looks like it rained recently. Wanted to proceed to Chiken Corners but there were severe storms coming (actually issued sever T-Storms) so only option was to high tail it out of there and make it back to town before the washes became unpassable.

- Bartlett Wash Road:
Nice easy (should have been) trail but more rain damage here. More sand but alot of it washed out and I had to avoid the deep rutts (mid way through) but this one was a blast. Nice and short.

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