Catalytic Converter protection - 2024 802a

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Dec 28, 2023
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Boise, ID
I live very close by… it really is a decent part, so I’m sorry that happened to you here.
I grew up in Maryland, but in Kensington. I went to jr high and high school in Bethesda, and left the state when I went to college. The only part of Rockville I knew was the White Flint Mall. But that area did look really nice.


Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. We’re hunting sasquatch77
Dec 16, 2016
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MoCo is a population hub and one of the 3 jurisdictions needed to carry a statewide election. All of the other counties combined don’t equal B’more, PG & MoCo. Mo’ people, mo’ problems.
It may “look” nice and affluent, but it’s a DC suburb with DC like crime issues.

Cat theft has been a thing since... well, since we started putting them on cars & trucks. Maybe we should take them OFF now and put the thieves out of business.
And honestly, why would a cat thief go to all the trouble of climbing under the truck and sawing the cat off when they can break into the truck in less than 10 seconds with a pair of pliers?

I’m sorry this happened to you. My dad passed a few years back and his generator was stolen the day of his funeral. So my mom comes back from that to find her shed broken into and the big_áss generator stolen. This is PG county for you.

Sorry to hear about the passed relative and the icing on the cr@p cake by having a cat stolen off the car.