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CAI Upgrade

Discussion in '5 Star Tuning' started by pearlygates59, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Jun 21, 2015
    Hi there
    I own a 2012 SCAB Raptor which is my daily drive. As I live in the UAE, I also go out to the desert a lot and drive the truck hard!

    Whilst no-one could accuse our Raptors of lacking hp and torque, I've felt often that the truck could be livened up a bit.

    Long story short, yesterday I fitted an aFe Magnum Force Stage 2 Pro Dry CAI system to the truck. Easy job which took me 45 minutes to install.

    WOW! Guys, this has made a HUGE difference to my on-road performance already! Much more lively throttle response, quicker off the mark and more consistent acceleration over a wider power band! Plus at high revs it sounds EPIC!

    I'll report back again after blasting across the dunes this weekend, but so far I can fully and strongly recommend this upgrade. It's fairly cheap, very simple to install and worth every penny!



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    Apologies - I just realised I posted this to the wrong thread!

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