Buying a Raptor - FAQ

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Aug 23, 2013
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Saw a suggestion from @smurfslayer about posting an FAQ for Buying a Raptor.

First and foremost... there is a tremendous amount of information shared within a number of threads over the last several years that's been super helpful to me. I don't proclaim to be an expert, but I have experience in buying three Raptors from two different dealers since 2013. I've also learned a tremendous amount from the BlueOvalForums.

If you're contemplating buying a Raptor and intend to Order it, be prepared to wait a while. Learn patience. Also, it helps to understand the Ordering Process and the difference between a Stock and Retail Order. You get price protection with Retail and not with Stock.

1) Raptors get crappy MPG. If this is a concern for you, move on, it's not right for you.
2) Raptors run better on 91+ Octane. If this is a concern for you, see # 1.
3) Gen 1's, 2's and 3's all come with their own specific set of issues (Cam Phasers, Door Seals, etc.) There's lots of information on here in other threads that you can search.
4) Raptors are built for off-road; do them a favor and get them out there as much as possible.
5) Mod's are great and there are enough threads already posted to get you started.
6) If your off-roading constitutes jumping the curb at Starbucks, you don't need an intercooler, cold-air intake or deavers for that. Stick with stock and you'll be fine.
7) If you are serious about off-roading, then you might want to research threads on #6 above and create your priority list.
8) If you decide to Order a new Raptor, take a look at the options (Search 23MY F-150 Order Book) and choose what's best for what you intend to do with your Raptor.
9) Finally, if you decide to Order, buyer beware... Stealerships are crafty and Sales folks are out to make commission.


Be prepared to use the internet and work the phones. Sometimes the best deal is not in your town or state and it may be several states away.
Stock Orders are orders the Dealer has placed based on allocation. Allocation for Raptors isn't done the same as other models. Sometimes you have a decent chance of getting a Raptor built Ordering from a very small dealer WITHOUT an allocation as these will get picked up.

The overall process of Ordering (much of this comes from BlueOvalForums)

1) Dealer places an order into the USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank), generating a DORA (Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgement) - If Retail Order you'll get an email acknowledgement from Ford.
2) When dealer has vehicle allocation for scheduling, orders are scheduled based on Order Type, Priority Code and commodity (parts for you folks in Rio Linda) restrictions
* Scheduled vehicle orders display as "Submitted to Plan" on the Dealers daily schedule status report.
* Raptors are assigned a VIN number when scheduled.
* The initial scheduling notice will include information for the scheduled week of production.
* Dealers can change specs for a scheduled Raptor usually up until its scheduled for production.
* Dealers cannot change Order Type (Stock or Retail), Body Code, Order Code (Package/Trim Level)
* Priority is assigned by the dealer 10-19 and ONLY affects the priority from that specific dealer.
3) Raptor order is next updated with a scheduled production date.
4) Raptor goes into production and shows as "Sent to Plant" on the Dealer's daily status report
5) Dealer's daily status report shows updates on production status. The dealer (whomever does the Ordering can login to view the Vehicle Visibility Reporting System at any time and determine the status.) --- If the sales person, GM cannot give you information, its an indication of their competency regarding vehicle order management.
6) Raptor status updated to "Produced"
7) Raptor status updated to "Released", meaning it's been released for shipment.
8) Raptor is loaded on a rail car or hauler. Dealer is provided with carrier info: (Canadian National, Norfolk Southern, etc.) along with the rail car number.
9) Raptor status is updated to show arrival at the final rail destination (Ramp 41/Newark, NJ)
10) Raptor is received by the car carrier (Fleet Car, Diversified Automotive, etc.) for deliver to the dealership
11) Raptor is delivered to dealer
12) Any dealer accessories are added (spray-in bedliners', tonneau covers)
13) You get your Raptor.

If the sales person advises they have one on Order that they will sell to you, It's a Stock Order it isn't guaranteed to be yours nor do you receive price protection if something happens. As soon as it arrives at the lot, the dealer has "sold" this vehicle to many folks. The one that wins is the one who's willing to pay the greatest ADM. Doesn't make it right, but that's what happens. Get a retail order. If the sales rep verbally tells you its Retail but you don't get an email acknowledgement from Ford, it's not. You can also ask to see the COVP confirmation. It's a claim made against the Dealership's Allocation and the dealer receives both an Order Enrollment and a later Order Claim approval email from Ford with the Tracking #, Order #, Customer Name (that's you) and Authorization # along with the Status of "Approved."

Your dealer knows whether they have allocation at the beginning of the Model Year. They don't know when the allocation will be scheduled. The Ford Zone Manager notifies the Dealer approximately 2-4 weeks in advance of applicable commodity restraints prior to the Raptor order being scheduled. The actual scheduling for specialty vehicles (Shelby, Raptor, Raptor R) is done manually.

Generally, Retail Orders are built BEFORE Stock Orders (with some exception) and subject to commodity holds.

Scheduling occurs typically on Thursdays. For MY23, Scheduling starts the first week of September. Job 1 is mid October. Only Stock Orders are built initially. After five days of successful builds without major defects, Ford will then release them and begin scheduling Retail/Fleet Orders.
Verified COVP (Customer Order Verification Program) Retail Orders with Incremental Allocation may be scheduled at any time; otherwise, regular scheduling is done on Thursdays for Orders with Available allocation. Raptors are built at the River Rouge Complex in Dearborn. Many other F-150 styles are built in Kansas City, MO.

As of this writing (8/29) Ford hasn't updated Scheduling from last week. But the last bulletin had MY23 Raptors beginning Scheduling on 9/1 with Job 1 beginning on 10/10/22. They'll need to have five days of production with zero major defects before beginning to schedule Retail Orders.

I'm sure I've probably made a mistake here somewhere so feel free to comment. Hope this helps someone. Above all else, patience and improvement in the supply chain is needed.

PS If you do buy new, attend Raptor Assault. Its a great way to meet other Raptor owners from across the country.

Best of luck.
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Dec 13, 2020
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Rio Linda - I see you are a Rush Limbaugh fan. I've been through Rio Linda many many times.

Awesome write-up. It should definitely get people on the right track.


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Oct 18, 2021
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Awesome write up! Would loved to have this before I ordered last October but all went well and got truck February 22nd. I’m sure others will benefit.

New recaros

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May 23, 2019
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I hope there is a way to give this write up a high priority so it’s easy to find six months from now.


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Mar 2, 2022
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Love this writeup! I have a couple questions that when answered might be able to be added to the top as I suspect there are a few more interested

1. Does a dealer know if the allocation is eligible for a 37 pack or not before the allocation is claimed?

2. does ford do multiple rounds of allocations at different times of the year or did a dealer see all their allocations for the coming model year on (or around) the first day the order banks opened? Basically if I call a dealer that says "would love to sell you one at msrp but we do not have any allocations remaining", are they dead until MY '24 or worth following up

3. While the Ford official spray-in bedliner is done at the factory, confirm all of the ford official accessory tonneau covers are dealer installed?

FWIW i copy pasted all the ford dealers + contact info in my state to excel so when i start calling shortly I can track responses...

****here is to the supply chain shortages abating and ford getting more of these out the door