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Bruce Brown

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by Ditchplains1, Dec 11, 2017.

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    As you may know I have been a lifelong fan of Bruce Brown. His documentaries on surfing and off road motor cycling made a generation of young surfers and motocross riders try just a bit harder...
    He passed away today at the age of 80.

    "Today our friend, partner, mentor, filmmaker, and father peacefully passed away in Santa Barbara, California.

    With Bruce Bruce and his inspiring movies an era comes to an end! His legacy lives on with all of us that continue to carry his torch! Thank you Bruce for all you did for this and future generations. Rest In Peace."

    "Bruce Brown Films (BBF) is a film production company created nearly 60 years ago that produced a number of lifestyle documentary films, the most notable of which being The Endless Summer (1964) and On Any Sunday (1971), which garnered an Academy award nomination for Documentary Feature. Today, BBF continues to provide its loyal fan base and general public with filmmaker Bruce Brown’s classic films and associated images for current and future generations to cherish."

    If you ever get the chance to watch any of his films..DO!
    Slippery When Wet 1958
    Surf Crazy 1959
    Surfin' shorts 1960
    Barefoot adventure 1960
    Surfing Hollow Days 1961
    Waterlogged 1962
    America's Newest Sport 1962
    The Incredible Pair of Skis 1967
    ON ANY SUNDAY 1972
    The Edge 1975

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