Broken Front CV Axel Driveshaft - Under Warranty?

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    Mar 9, 2017
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    My passenger front cv axel broke completely off my truck last week driving home from Vegas and the Mint 400. I was on the freeway at the time. I am assuming it has weakened over occasional 4WD use during necessary road conditions. Upon breaking off, the axel carried out underneath my truck damaging the exhaust pipe before exiting behind my truck. The broken exhaust pipe then burned through the floor of my truck melting the engine wiring harness. This cut power to all electronics and left my truck unable to start back up. My truck had to be towed 87 miles back to Las Vegas.

    A local dealership in Vegas told me they had replaced two broken axels that week alone. The forums also show numerous counts of broken cv axels – almost all of which were covered under warranty.

    Ford is claiming they have never seen a broken CV axel and that they have never covered one under warranty. This appears to be a lie.

    Can anyone confirm if they have had a CV axel break on them and whether or not it was covered under warranty?


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