Brand New RMB Build and more FS

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Jun 18, 2013
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Morning everyone ---

I have quite a bit for sale. My plans for my built Raptor have changed, so below you'll find a list of parts I purchased new from Ryan at RMB. If you dont know this is the most reputable Raptor motor builder in the industry.
No corners cut and no expense spared when it comes to quality of parts and workmanship.

Currently this is for sale as a package expcept the brake rotors, pads, and steel lines from Freedom MS.

Everything is in my possession except for the short block. The short block is still at RMB ready to ship. I will of course help the mediation between buyer and RMB. Ryan is excellent so there should be zero issues.

I have attached my invoice for transparency. Everything is brand new, zero miles and never installed. I know Ill take a hit but hopefully someone can have a very merry Christmas.

Below is everything you need for a 700HP+ daily driver. Motor is build for 1K HP. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Gen 2 Raptor Stage 2 Short Block
RMB (Gen 2) Stage 2 Short Block has a power output
rating of 1000/1000.

Our Stage 2 Short Blocks Utilize a 1/2" thick 6061
Machined in support ring which is laser measured to
OEM gaskets, then plates are machined. Once plates
are machined, they are scanned and an exacting
tolerance press-fit is machined into the block for upper
cylinder support. This promotes better upper support
of block, and keeping the bores in round during high
cylinder pressure demand. Bores kept more round,
and supported has less blow bye from poor ring seal,
as well as less wear on rings.
Stage 2 Short Block Includes:

• Cylinder Block - Brand new Ford OEM bare block
with a 92.50mm Stock Bore

• Pistons - RMB-JE 92.75mm FSR Forged Pistons,
Custom Ringset, .210" Steel Pins, Clips, (Coated
Skirts and Offset Wrist Pins)

• Connecting Rods - Upgraded Custom RMB TRIBeam
Connecting Rods with 7/16" ARP 2000 Rod

• Rod / Main Bearings - King XP Bearings Tri-Metal
Race Bearings

• Crankshaft - New Ford Gen2 Raptor Forged 2017+
Crankshaft. Crankshaft is micropolished and leading
edge of main journal oil feeds are feathered to
disperse oil better to main bearings. Further, other
oiling and machine work is performed to the

• Main Bolts - 6 Bolt Main caps and side mains

• ALL RMB Motor Works short blocks are torque plate
honed, align honed, and balanced rotating

• Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 STD Compression Ratio
with STD .040" thickness head gasket
1 6,999.00 6,999.00
all services include disassembly, inspection and
cleaning $140

All cylinder head options come with the following:
Disassembly, removal of oil galley and plugs, vapor
honing, and ultrasonic cleaning prior to cylinder head
package being performed below.
0 140.00 0.00
-pocket port cylinder heads
-customer to supply heads
includes vapor hone cleaning of heads and ultrasonic
cleaning with new oil galley plugs
port and blend bowls under valves (99% of all gains
on these heads are found in the bowls. Almost zero
gains found with a full port)
remove oem valve guides and install manganese
bronze valve guides
performance valve job
mill (PCD cutter)
Final inspection
-Customer to use their cams, lifters, and roller rockers.
Heads come assembled with springs, valves,
retainers, locks
0 1,540.00 0.00

G2 Raptor RMB Conical Spring Kit

Gen 2 Raptor RMB Motor Works Custom Conical
spring kit includes:
-24 RMB Custom Conical Springs
-24 RMB Custom Titanium Retainers and Locks
-Seat Locators
-New valve stem seals (Viton™ Fluoroelastomer /
Postitive Type)

ARP 2000 Head Studs
ARP2000 Head Studs

RMB Gen 2 Raptor Custom Head Gaskets
Custom RMB Head Gaskets with Fire Ring.
Performance Head Gasket set custom made to our
specs. Stock to 95mm bore.

Extended Service
Due to scope of work, when customers purchase short
and long blocks, we will ship the new short block and
heads installed at no charge using their new head
gaskets and head studs.

This allows for one crate to be shipped via LTL freight
and not a crate and 2 large boxes

4 New OEM Updated cam phasers
4 New OEM Latest Updated Cam Phasers
Includes 2 exhaust cam phasers
Includes 2 intake cam phasers
4 88.90 355.60
4 New Cam phaser Bolts
(4) Four new Cam Phaser Bolts to be supplied to
4 3.09 12.36
Gen 2 (2017-2020) Gen 2 Garrett Power Max Turbos

• Direct-fit Stage 2 upgrade (LH & RH Turbos)

• Compressor housing inlet (2.75”) is larger than stock
to allow for increased flow and optimized surge port

• Adapter for stock inlet tube included with turbo kit

• Turbo model: GT2260S

• 700+ BHP capability *

• Complete assembly with calibrated electric actuator

• Billet compressor wheel with 54% increased flow

• Inconel turbine wheel with 52% increased flow

• Modern compressor and turbine wheel aero

• Tuned ported shroud for optimal compressor surge
and choke performance

AMS 2017-2020 Raptor & F150 3.5L Ecoboost Turbo
Inlet Tubes
Massive gains are seen when these inlet pipes are
used with a combination of custom couplings we will
supply to allow you to take advantage of the new
turbos 2-3/4" inlet adapters.
without these pipes the stock sized 1-1/2"(+-) inlet
adapter will need to be used and significantly choke
the turbos out producing under-desired HP results if
hunting for your 700WHP mark. It will fall short
probably from our experience by 75-100 whp

Custom 45* Reinforced 2-3/4" reinforced silicone
Aramid fiber reinforced couplings

ID1050X Raptor Port injector upgrade
Injector Dynamics ID1050X Port Injectors to
specifically fit and are ordered with proper o rings
installed by ID for Gen 2 Raptor

Total cost $12999.50 will sell everything above together for $10K.

Additional Parts : Brand new Never Installed.
1) F-Series F&R Freedom Rotor and Pad Package
2) Ford Raptor SVT Custom Stainless Braided Brake Line Kit
3) SPC Performance Alignment Cam Kit/ Upgraded Bolts

Price $1K ($1313.08 - new)

Regards Patrick


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