Borla X-Pipe resonator delete for Gen 2


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Jun 5, 2015
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Hey guys,

I bought a Borla S-Type for my raptor and initially it was a bit loud for my taste. The S-Type replaces the factory resonator (among other things) with the X pipe however I separately purchased Borla's resonator and took out the x pipe hence the sale here. I know it bolts right up to the factory down pipe/exhaust in the front but you might have to have it welded to the remaining portion of your stock exhaust from where the factory resonator was back (it also might bolt in, I just don't know 100%). Here's the corsa resonator delete for factory exhaust for reference;

Here is what I bought to replace the x-pipe and run with the rest of my S-Type system:

Here is the pipe I'm selling: $250