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Jul 30, 2019
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On my 2nd Raptor and decided to get the B&O system - pretty much a waste and I've finally upgraded it.

I'm adding this post in case anyone was in my position and wants/needs any of this info.

Since I wanted to add a dedicated amplifier for my doors/pillars, but keep the factory screen etc I had to use a Nav-TV (https://soundsgoodstereo.com/products/nav-tv-zen-a2b-dsp12a-a2b-2018-ford-factory-a2b®-interface) and (https://soundsgoodstereo.com/produc...h-b-o-amplified-system?variant=32151806574682).

I'm sure this integration is posted on this site elsewhere, but just in case you don't know - the Nav-TV Zen module takes the factory harness, amp input and digital signal at the factory amp (behind rear driver's side seat when folded down) and provides all the i/o you should need*. You're able get input from the factory deck, route it out analog or digitally to wherever, then route it back to the door speakers all in that one location with the FD02 harness and the Zen module. The * exception is the pillar tweeters which are fed directly off of the head unit. Running signal to them is as easy as removing the pillar (2 x 10mm bolts per pillar) and running speaker cable along the top of the vehicle to the rear.

For my setup I went with a Focal 4.400sq amp (https://www.focal.com/en/car-audio/car-audio-kits-solutions/performance/amplifiers/fpx-4-400-sq) for the doors and tweets and Focal PS 165 fx components for front (https://www.focal-america.com/product/ps-165-fx/) with matching Flax 6.5s for the rear.

For the front and rear door speakers I used these adapters for mounting (https://soundsgoodstereo.com/produc...nch-or-6x9-to-6-5-inch?variant=39978391601310) along with these block off plates (https://soundsgoodstereo.com/produc...de-door-access-block-off-plates-sold-as-a-set). That shop also has some tweeter adapters to fit the Focal tweets to the factory pillar mount.

For the amp rack I removed the factory amp and subwoofer and used (https://soundsgoodstereo.com/produc...e-amplifier-rack-plate?variant=32085302935642) to mount the Zen, a Fosgate DSR-1 (https://rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/dsr1/), distribution blocks, Focal passive x-overs, and.. the sub.

The sub is really why I'm writing this post - it took me a long while to resolve replacing the factory sub as I did not want to take up the space under the rear seat (I have a nice tuffy safe that I highly recommend under there (https://www.americantrucks.com/tuffy-under-rear-seat-lockbox-1517-supercrew-supercab.html?utm_content=AT Interior - Storage|Tuffy&T5_Var4=T533830-B&utm_campaign=ATF+F150+Brands+&+Vehicle+Low&dialogtech=ppc&utm_source=google-pla&utm_medium=shopping&T5_Var2=shopping&T5_Var3=red&gclid=Cj0KCQjw8IaGBhCHARIsAGIRRYqRDHw-un7Td7wGyfAeuuDD30svWHdKjItwx8SGzKch2cU9jnihM3gaAm7qEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds).

I ended up with 2 Kicker hideaway 10" subs, both behind the seat. One is mounted to the amp rack above and fits where the factory sub goes, the other is behind the passenger side rear seat. The one on the amp rack does come with a couple caveats: the driver's rear seat bottom will fold up, but will not lock in place as it can't push back far enough, and I had to relocate the factory jack for the other sub... nbd. That said - I have more than enough room to access anything in my Tuffy safe with ease.

I was skeptical of the Kicker hideaways - and the 8" are for sure not enough. The 10" is only enough for me because I have 2. In my younger years I had a 1200w RMS monoblock going to a Kicker solobaric 12 in a neon.. this is not that. However --- as long as you don't care about 20-40hz rocking the block - this should be good to go. What I was after was much more punch, definition and fullness on the bottom end than the factory sub - without the auto limiting behavior of the factory amp - this does that and more.

The Focal components and 4.400sq sound crystal clear - I haven't fully tuned the system yet but with quick distance based time alignment in the DSR-1 and flat EQ the system outputs cleanly without noticeable distortion up louder than I would prefer to listen to music anyway.

Lastly - my background - I spent my younger years as a live sound/mix engineer. I sneer at audiophiles (if you've ever heard your favorite album on a pair of NS-10s you understand that some color is beneficial...) but also appreciate clean systems and tons of headroom - with this setup I have both.

If I had my preference I would not use the kicker hideaway 10s, but as a compromise they fill the bill quite nicely. That said - if you're considering the hideaway sub - 1 definitely would not be enough for my tastes. I listen to the gammit - hip hop, r&b, rock, jazz, some country, electronic etc.
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May 21, 2020
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FYI the Metra adapters are only around $20 for a pair so you could have saved a ton of money there vs the $200 you spent with that company.