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Jul 8, 2012
here, on frf
Hopefully NavTV has their A2B sorted for the new gen F150's by the time the 3Gen Raptors hit the streets. I also really don't like the idea of having speakers in the headrest and the over head. With that being said though once you put in a custom sound system it would be really cool if you could repurpose the overhead speakers as the HAM/CB/race radio external speaker.
dont worry, we will make that happen


Jan 30, 2021
i tested the new unleashed B&O yesterday.. it gets loud lol and it's rich sounding. my wife has a Jeep SRT with the Harmon kardon 19 speaker system and the B&O sounds just as good as Harmon.

I have the regular B&O in my 2020 Tremor and it's great... this coming from a Gen 1 owner with that crappy sony system haha.. but in a truck I'd think the unleashed isn't needed? but either way it's a nice system! and sync 4 is awesome.

I went by the dealership and listened to the B&O Unleashed and wasn't impressed. In my opinion, the Bose system in my previous 2017 Silverado sounded better. That's disappointing because other than noise canceling headphones, I'm not a Bose fan. Hopefully I will warm up to it or someone will find a way to upgrade it without replacing everything but the headend.
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