Any Regret Going Moving To 37"s?

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Mar 15, 2023
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ON, Canada
Thanks for all the replies guys. Based on the feedback I have decided to continue forward with the 37's. I am willing to sacrifice a bit of MPG for the looks. Not super concerned about the minor acceleration hit, it wont make enough of a difference to me. I also did read through forum member, pnwobrigade's thoughts and experience on the matter and appreciate the perspective. Coming from a 250 Tremor, I had a certain style in mind I wanted to achieve with this truck. Just wanted to make sure I was not going to see some drastic unfavourable differences as I was not aware of. 37's with 1.5" level it will be.

Now I just need to determine tire. I will start a different thread on that one.

Thanks again guys!


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Sep 7, 2021
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Have a 35" package and preparing to update to 37"s with a 1.5" front level. Undecided whether I will go 17/18" or 20" wheels. Does anyone regret going from 35's to 37's as a daily driver for 85% on road driving? Things like ride comfort, changed shift points, fuel mileage, etc.?

Bit concerned on the MPG change for one. Not sure if it is significant or not. I did not buy the Raptor for mileage. Heck, I came from an F250 Tremor for comparison. By the same token I do not want to needlessly **** away advantages of the Raptor over the 3/4 ton, fuel efficiency being one. But if the loss is maybe 1.5mpg (is it?), are the benefits of the 37"s worth the hit for mainly on-road driving? I drive a lot of gravel roads that get pretty beat up with potholes throughout the year. One of the reasons I opted for a Raptor. The capabilities are already there. Second concern is, are the shift points affected by the increased weight? I would suspect the factory 37" package is tuned for the larger tires? Not sure if there is much if any perceivable difference. Comments?

Just want to sanity check before I drop 5k and regret it. Thought I would check with guys who have already done it and may have shared some of the same concerns.

Looking to do something within the next 2 weeks (a timeline I set for myself to force me not to procrastinate!)

@ 6k miles I averaged 15.5 mpg in my 35. @ 4k miles Im getting 14.5 in my 37. I have a pretty heavy foot. All things considered the highway ride is a bit better in the 35 IMO, and the offroad ride is better in the 37. Looks and acceleration are not my primary reasons for ownership. I like the 37 marginally better, so it comes down to what 5k is worth to you. I wish my 37 was Iconic (like my 35).
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Apr 30, 2021
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Northern Nevada
37s are only for looks. Everything else about the truck is worse when you go 37s. When I switched over I instantly felt like the transmission was hunting more, acceleration worse, braking slower, mpg down, etc etc. Not worth it IMO