ADD Open House / Raptor Nationals

Discussion in 'Upcoming Expedition Announcements and Planning' started by ADDCJ, Mar 16, 2013.

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    May 23, 2011
    I believe they do have the SD cards there for those with a Lowrance.
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    Mar 13, 2013

    Yes, it will be available for download tonight. You will also get a book with all the instructions.

    Yesterday's driver school was a blast!

    There were four people to every instructor as they went into different driving techniques the dirt.... :D

    We are currently setting up at Addictive Desert Design Open house. Hope to see you here...4-10pm - NEW SHOP ADDRESS: 4840 E. Jasmine St. Suite 112 Mesa, AZ 85205

    Yep, guess what, you can still sign up to be part of the Raptor Nationals tonight...:D

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    Jun 7, 2012
    Epic pass!

    Hats off to the 5.2 productions team for the most well run (high risk non race) event I've been to since the Raptor roundups. And for those of you who found their way into a Raptor through the Roundup know it's built for scale and smooth flow with EPIC potential (that delivers, leaving one teased)

    Well epic it was, and deliver it did as only Arizona can offer. Pristine trails (I have not even a single pin stripe, no broken parts, not even tire chunking (complete lack of sharp granite, like the McDowells). The breaks were spot on, not too many, not too few. The entire family bragged this event to EVERYONE that matters to them, so again EPIC PASS.

    5.2, ADD, Matt/Sanderson Ford, KC Lights, VORE, Roush and most importantly, the drivers, for putting the safety of the EVENT above that of their thrill kill alter egos (yes, I too have one, and he shat his man panties catching air for the first time).

    Can't forget our active duty and veteran brothers and sisters, some of whom joined us thanks to HERO OFF ROAD, helping America's TRUE heros do what they do, RAISE HELL and let their balls hang.

    Side Story: At one point we came under LIVE fire, the convoy unknowingly entering the ACTIVE SHOOTER segment of the event. (Again nice job 5.2, but we figured out that the live fire was coming from the terrain Raptor "shooting photos". Your decoy/plant tacoma didn't fool our active duty guys, in fact they almost lit that taco up with their fire-breathing Dillon mini-guns nearly igniting a forrest fire, so leave that out next year). When they say "going hot" on the radio's you tend to notice that.

    Ah almost forgot, SPECIAL thanks to the SPECIAL vehicle team at FoMoCo: They make Earths most adrenaline producing non-bailout production vehicle since the Model T a hundred years ago. Yeah, I just compared the raptor to a Model T.

    Can you imagine the giddy feeling our 19th century brethren had with the newfound freedom, range and reliability and confidence that the Model T brought to America in the horse and buggy days? YEP, I can.

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