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Positive Adams Premium Care Care

Discussion in 'Vendor Feedback' started by sphf250, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Sep 4, 2017
    Just wanted to write how pleased I was with the customer service at Adam's Premium Car Care. Ordered a premium foam gun wash kit and when I opened it up there was no foam gun. Sent an email to the company after Christmas and after two days had not got a response. Understanding the holiday season is crazy for retailers and not knowing their schedule I was not upset by not receiving a response, but I decided to reach out via this site and send a private message to see if I could get a response. With in seconds Dan @AdamsPolishes responded and took my info. The very next day I had an email response, an apology (which wasn't necessary) and the missing foam gun is to be on it's way. Problem was solved and I will be using Adam's for any truck cleaning needs from now on. Thanks for the great customer service.
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