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Adam's ceramic wheel coating kit

Discussion in 'Adam's Polishes' started by dingo, Jan 12, 2017.



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    Sep 15, 2011
    S. California
    I bought Adams Swirl killer, I have not used it yet, but it looks every bit as nice as a Rupes, and I believe is less expensive.
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  2. AdamsPolishes

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    Mar 15, 2013
    Definitely machine polish the paint after the old graphics are removed, but the new graphics should be installed BEFORE the Ceramic Paint Coating is applied.

    The Rupes are excellent machines, but most people find them a bit out of budget, especially if they only get used a few times a year.

    And with any of the long-throw polishers that use a 5.5"-7" pad, a second smaller machine with a 4" pad is needed to get into tighter or narrow areas, like up the door pillars or the painted mirror caps. While it is possible to polish only with a larger machine, it can be awkward and leave areas uncorrected.

    To get both the Rupes LHR 15 Mark II and the LHR 75E Mini, you're looking at $700. We don't stock the previous version of the LHR 15, but you can find it on the web for about $100 less than the Mark II. The Rupes LHR 21ES with its 7" pad is more geared towards production detailing shops, not weekend shine warriors.

    To fill the void between those pro-level polishers and an entry-level polisher like the Porter Cable 7424XP, Adam's offers the Swirl Killer 15mm LT Polisher and the Swirl Killer MINI 12mm LT Polisher. These are listed on sale at $230 and $150, but you can use a sale discount code to bring the price even lower. There is also the Swirl Killer 15mm & 12mm Combo listed at $360, but a sale discount would bring the price down to $306.

    For a budget-level electric pressure washer, many members over on have had good results with the Ryobi or Greenworks models that run around $100. They are loud, and don't have the pressure of higher end models, but they work better than just using a garden hose, and you get the benefit of using a Foam Cannon.

    On the higher end of electric pressures washers, the AR Blue Clean AR630TSS-HOT is excellent. Pressure and flow similar to a gas, can run warm water, and it has auto shut-off. Only con is the $769 price tag!

    Middle ground on an electric pressure washer, I would go for an AR Blue Clean or Karcher in the $200-250 range.
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  3. dingo

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    Sep 12, 2016
    Thanks Dan, you're the man
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