Actually Pulling Someone Out of Sand

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Aug 26, 2021
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Southern Indiana area
Mostly NJ and some northern OBX, mostly when people who visit want to see the stupid horses. Admittedly I often only air down to 25 if I am not going in the back and have to go up a dune…but that allows me to do 40-50 mph or so on the way back in the off-season

Just drive easy at 15psi and you will see how you float on that sand. Summer traffic, kids, drunks, dogs, stupid tourists, how fast can you safely go in the beach anyway.
Hey @Frank N I represent that fact about the tourists and the horses in OBX. My 2 year old daughter LOVES horses so I had to take her to see them on the beach. I was in the outer banks over the memorial day weekend and drove out on Carova beach for just that reason. Plus the shells on Carova are much better than the shells on the non-4x4 beaches by a long shot.

But also to your point, I understand the frustration with dumb people. My story is, it was friday night around 730 pm and I had just left my the house my parents were renting up the beach. I made it all the way to the entrance ramp and that when I encountered the stupidity. There was a ram sport with street tires trying to pull a gmc acadia up the last bit of the sandy entrance ramp off the beach. The ram was burying itself trying to do it as well.

My recovery gear all comes my time offroading in my previously owned vehicle. I have a pull strap that is 4" thick with sewn ends that is about 20' in length. I think it is rated at 35k breaking, but i cannot remember. I have my d ring shackles that are rated at 15k, and I have other misc revocery gear that I have carried for years. This came in handy when I needed them on that beach.

So long story short, I put a strap to the front of the ram to my pull points, had the ram tighten up on the acadia, and i pulled BOTH out at the same time up the ramp and around the corner. My truck had no problem doing it either. The acadia apparently blew its transmission trying to drive on the beach and the ram apparently pulled/ struggled to pull it out all the way down the beach. So i had to pull 2 dead weights out and my raptor saved the day for both families.

Now Admittedly, i should have probably just pulled them out 1 at a time and been easier on my raptor, but at the time i was actually involved, there was a bunch of traffic coming up the beach and i didnt have time to think it through completely.

This was also my first time using the locker in my raptor as i wanted maximum traction. I wasnt on the actually asphalt either at the ramp. I was about 10' from it in the really really really soft stuff.

I did make $45 from the acadia guy though. I didnt even ask for anything, he just came up and handed it to me and thanked me about 20 times.

Sorry to derail the discussion with my story, just wanted to interject my own personal experience.
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Dec 16, 2016
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Yeah, as long as you’re not doing super sharp turns and donuts, you can safely drop into the teens. There have been videos posted before of guys on jeeps getting into the single digits before getting an issue; that is, they separated the tire from the rim. hell, at 20psi you can probably get away with a lot of hooliganism and not lose a tire.

I do about 18-20 for OBX work. When I went out to S. Padre Island, I didn’t deflate - it’s the wild west there, zero restrictions. If you can drive it, you can drive it on s. Padre Island. It doesn’t mean you’ll get far, but you pays your money, you can try.

I definitely felt the compliance difference.


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Aug 10, 2019
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I wonder what PSI trophy trucks are at whilst running 100MPH....

but copy all. I will see what 20PSI feels like first. ha