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Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Suspension Discussion and Modification' started by Hardpack26, Jun 21, 2016.

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    Well, got the fox 3.0s delivered and installed. Took some time, but I'd like to thank Crown Offroad for their customer service through the purchase. I appreciate their patience when dealing with my lack thereof. Fox was slammed. What can you do. The guys at Crown kept in contact with them consistantly, and gave me updates even when there was no news, and I appreciated that.

    So far very happy with them. I installed the coilovers first as those were the first to arrive. This made a HUGE difference. Mostly because my stock shocks were shot. I mean badly. Either way, I can tell that they are significantly more confidence inspiring offroad than stock, even though I've only had one chance to test them offroad.
    As far as the rears, I just installed them Friday, and haven't put too many miles on them yet. Especially off road. I have however noticed that they seem to kick back a bit when hitting swooping bumps. The shocks have the QAB adjusters, and both compression valves as well as the rebound valve were set about 10 clicks from closed. Each has 30 clicks. Just so that I could observe any differences, I opened all adjusters to full open. Kick back is a bit worse. Thought it might be the rebound not being dampened enough, but they were delivered with that bypass 2/3 closed and I still noticed it. Haven't fully closed it yet. Might try that next to see difference. It's nothing crazy, and doesn't kick the tailend out or anything. I'm not complaining. I'm just feeling the difference, and trying to figure out these monsters. Anybody have any advice or experience to offer? Would be much appreciated.

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    i feel the same thing. i am dealing with a donkey kick issue and sacked out Deavers, so i have to wait till they are fixed for proper tuning. my shocks have 28 total clicks also not 30. that is strange

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