3.0 options + $$ - Send or no send?

Which would you roll with?

  • Icon 3.0 front + rear - $5300

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  • Fox 3.0 DSC front + standard rear - $6100

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Feb 18, 2023
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Having trouble deciding if 3.0s are worth the cost for my situation. I've been reading everything I can, watching all the videos etc. but just not enough to make me feel confident pulling the trigger on what I want (3.0 Kings w/ finned resi) vs. what most likely makes the most sense (new 2.5 OEMs) so wanted to get some extra opinions. Is it truly just picking a color and rolling with it? or is there super noticeable differences.

Background: Currently driving about 90% daily/10% off-road. Goal is to get offroad more often/be ready when I can, but currently in DFW so still a few hours from ideal places. I do want to hit TX Raptor Run this year and maybe the Baja run next year. I'd rather sell my current shocks than go the rebuild route. Some shock noise doesn't bother me, and only current mods are an exhaust + some BD lights.

Truck is a 2014, 61k miles, and suspension hasn't been touched so I definitely think it's time to do something. No noticeable leaking or rusting thankfully, but almost positive they're hanging on by a thread lol. Icon seems practical since it's my daily, but that King Blue is just sex. Unfortunate question is: does that make it worth the extra $1000+?

Appreciate it

Irregular F150

its terrain good sir!
Oct 10, 2021
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a small town in way up northeast
I went fox 2.5s, geisers, deaver +3s, and camburg 1”drop shackles. Since im mostly roads/log roads. but i also dont live anywhere near the off roading as tx does lol.

Edit: forgot to add im also 2x the miles and needed to redo the suspension since its pretty worn so why not upgrade.
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