2022 F150 Raptor Bed Products - Tonneau or Rack/Bar?


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Nov 18, 2013
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Raleigh, NC
Hi Everyone,

My 22' Raptor order has completed a couple days ago, still awaiting shipment to the dealer. Currently, I have a soft roll tonneau on my order, but I wanted to change that or remove it altogether. My first question is should I have the dealer install my bed product or wait and do it myself? I guess if I go the hard cover option, is this something I can buy a kit and do myself? I'm sure I could or find a dealer of a particular bed product in my area and go that route, I guess what I asking is what do most prefer to do with bed product?

Is there other bed options such as racking system or offroad bar that is better suited for the Raptor. I'm interested in any pictures or suggestions of your off road setups or systems.

At first was thinking of changing the soft out for a hard fold cover (I hate how they lean against the back glass though) and also adding a bed rug. At first, I will likely just use it for on-road situation or road trips.

So... Dealer or DIY,
Tonneau or Rack/Bar,
Hard fold or Soft rollup

Thanks in advance!!


Oct 19, 2021
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As far as install, i'm not sure it gets much easier than installing a cover yourself. Line it up and clamp it down for the most part. Definitely wouldn't pay someone to do it.

I've had a Bak Revolver x2 for 7 years that I love. Great mix being a hard rolling cover. They've revised it, new version being the X4. When it rolls up you can still see out the back unlike the tri-fold covers that rest on the window. Advantage is that it doesn't take up any bed space like a retracting canister cover would ( retrax/pace edwards etc)

That being said I just bought a Pace Edwards Ultragroove retracting cover so that I can add racks for a cargo box/ snowboard rack since is has the T-slot rails on the sides. I'd stay away from the soft covers due to lack of security and ability to put a load on it.

What type of rack system/ offroad bar are you looking for? intended purpose?

Theres lots of options, and lots of info out there, but hope this helps