2020 Engine Trouble, Cylinder Backfires and Camshaft Position B.

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Mark McAwesome

Mark McAwesome

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Jan 11, 2020
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Reinstalled stock port fuel injectors, reverted tunes back to stock. Today I dropped the truck off at the dealership to see what was wrong. They called me a few hours later with the most anticlimactic news of all. They couldn’t find anything wrong, took it for a drive, interstate, city, WOT…everything while hooked up. Performed exactly like it should, no issues. They scoped the cylinders, said they were clean and everything looked normal, no damage. Port and direct injectors working with no issues, compression good, spark good. Only explanation at this point was bad E85 fuel, bad tune, or bad plugs that didn’t work well with the E85. Conclusion, I won’t be going back to E85. Going to drive it for a few weeks stock, then put my TCM tune back in and maybe go back to my 1050cc port injector gas tune.