GEN 2 2018 transmission/transfer case rattle/whine? (VIDEO)

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Nov 25, 2021
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I've watched just about every 'noise' video I could find on this forum. (TY community!) None of them sounds like my problem. It doesn't sound like IWE based on where it's coming from and what I've heard/seen in videos I've watched. I've also replaced the the vacuum line with part #FL3Z-3A788-B to be safe. I've also taken off all the skid plates and guards from the entire underbody chasing this noise. No change.

Video set up: Mounted my phone on the crossmember between the transfer case and fuel tank under the driver door. Camera is pointed up towards driver's side and facing towards the front slightly. That's the back end of the transfer case in the upper right of frame. Transfer case skid plate in the lower right of the frame. Cross member looking drivers side is that bar in the middle. Drive shaft coming out of transfer case just above the camera out of frame. Gas tank out of frame on the left.

Re-creating symptoms: Most noticeable when running gear is cold, however it's still there under harder acceleration even when at operating temp. It happens ''in-between' or when transitioning between shifts. More noticeable 1st - 4th gear. I recreated this video by putting it in manual mode and going back and forth from 1st to 2nd. Easy throttle. I have a ECM and TCM tune from GooseTuned, but this this started before that.

Only mods that might have any impact (drive angles maybe, but that's a stretch IMO) are Icon rear leaf springs in back and Eibach level springs up front.

Sound happens at approx 9sec, 16sec, 22sec, best heard at 31sec and after (whine/rattle).

It's slowly getting louder as time goes on. What does this sound like to you guys? Bearing going bad, low fluid...? I'm at a loss and wanted to turn to this community before I go through the PITA to set up a diagnosis at the dealer.

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