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2017 - 2018 Raptor Updates

Discussion in 'Cobb Tuning' started by COBB Tuning, Mar 20, 2019.

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    Nov 19, 2018
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    The cross-over piece for the downpipes are about as low as that cross brace and skid plate shown below. They should still be tight enough to where the skid plate offers protection. Even if this piece were to make contact, both downpipes have flex sections that would make sheering a bolt difficult.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The filter and sock were tested in the sand. Our results were not what you describe. I can assure you that your recommendations are taken into consideration but it's tough to change a product based on your experience as it's the only exception to otherwise positive feedback. I can understand your frustration though. Although it has been tested in the sand, if your needs are competitive Baja racing, there is probably something out there better for your needs.


    tuner weirdness

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean here. Have you used other devices that reset codes in a more acceptable way? What is it about this functionality that you think comes up short?

    tire size weirdness

    I'm not too sure of this either. The only concerning feedback we've heard here is the fact you have to set it back to the stock size during the uninstall. This is because the adjustment is in the BCM and not the ECU. Taking that feedback in mind, we are working on an update for this to occur during the uninstall but TCM tuning is the current priority.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know!

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    I'll take pics of the downpipes. you're rocking factory skids on that truck, the foutz skids are different, tuck higher and are aluminum and designed to give a little. I did call and give some feedback on the design and leave my contact info.

    for the intake. we werent racing. More like a brisk, but leisurely adventure pace. kind of like the annual "trail of missions" thing that monster and BFG sponsor. ( you can find plenty of video on youtube.) around 1000 miles of dust and the prefilter had a layer of dirt on it that looked like cardboard. The filter element was solid brown. not knocking the intake for the everyman at all. I like it for anything but what I'm doing. ( which is the same business decision that I'd make)

    as far as the tuner: I dont pretend to be an expert, but the other tuner flavors edit the gear ratio and tire size in a completely different table than you do. It makes for interesting dynamics on the cruise, speedo, etc. (i'm the one that called in to give yall the vin mismatch error code and how to fix it)

    the tune also has some driveability characteristics that I'd love to change, but that's not on yall from a canned tune perspective. it is something that I should address with a custom tune from one of the tuners in your network. I've been waiting to do so until there are trans tuning options.

    to be clear- i 100% get that I am not 99% of y'alls customers. I'm in no way knocking the products. The application of them is awesome for 99% of raptor owners. For what I'm doing, I just need to make different choices. When people truly want to come on runs that I go on, I have to give them honest feedback, else I'm generally trying to help fix their trucks on trail.

    I still love y'all though. for those that want the most bang for the buck and whom aren't fledgling desert rats, they are the best choice.
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