2014 screw general clean up and questions

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Feb 20, 2023
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San Antonio Texas
Posted my intro yesterday and figured I would pick some brains today. I’m still going through the truck but the mods as purchased are :
1. Geisel springs front deaver +3 rear
2. RPG tie rods
3. RPG hyd bumps in rear
4. Muffler delete
5. Unidentified front bumper with lights
6. 6 New icon wheels and bfg 35x12.5 tires
7. Bed chase rack to hold the two spares

I’m really busy with an upcoming move but am addressing things slowly. I put a Gibson catback on to quiet it down. Probably going to weld in the stock resonator as well.
I have a constant feeling like tires are out of balance. I have had them balances twice and they are better but still not where I think they should be. It’s honestly a disappointing ride compared to my last truck 2013 f150 screw xlt with bilstein. I have never driven another gen1 so I’m hoping my expectations that it drive smooth without steering wheel shake are attainable. Going to try to get them balanced one more time. Tires were purchased new in oct 2022 by PO.

Next problem is the PO removed the spare tire hoist under the truck since he had both spares in the bed. I can’t seem to source a new hoist. From my research it looks like it is a different part number than standard f150, can anyone confirm? Or anyone parting out a truck and selling one?

I was told the shocks were done a couple years ago but I kind of suspect that may be part of my problem maybe magnifying the tires being out of balance. Once my move is complete I will have them rebuilt.

Chase rack is going up for sale if anyone is interested also


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Aug 17, 2019
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Glenside Pa.
Check your tire pressure. They may be over inflated. If they are over 40 PSI, you should lower the air pressure. I know the manual says to fill to 44 PSI but the truck will feel like it is riding on rocks. Easy enough to check.