2014 Downshift crash

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Dec 16, 2016
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“What you are told” by whom? Once again you have provided zero information on what actually occurred aside from your unfounded accusation that your truck has a defect/recall that only affected earlier builds. It seems you’re more interested in ranting on the internet than actually finding out what happened.

No it doesn’t. That’s why they implemented new software after the cutoff, so it wouldn’t downshift to 1st gear if a speed sensor input was lost. Those before the build date cutoff were recalled. You also seem to be confusing downshifting with locking up. If the transmission is physically locked up, that has absolutely nothing to do with a speed sensor/lead frame issue.

at 60, if you downshift to 1st, it’s the same -for practical purposes- because even on dry pavement you’re going ballistic. In the wet it would be quite eventful.
Your point about the difference though is important and again, goes back to the previous repair if anything, right?

I had a missed shift drag racing my zx11 at 120mph once. That was quite scary and at least I was able to back out of it enough to keep her straight. It was time trials and I was racing an F-body 350, so I still won easily :) The frustrating thing was, it was a stupid simple fix, I just needed to move the shifter 2 notches down to where it should have been.