2001 F250 7.3 4x4 Supercab $20k


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Sep 13, 2020
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I hate to do it but am starting to think I have too many trucks if that’s possible. So my dd is up for sale. I know $20k might seem a bit much but it’s worth it. Great truck and I’ve trusted it for 10 years without being disappointed. I’ve had it maintained at a dealership who’s service manager happens to be a friend and a full on diesel mechanic. He’s kept this thing in great shape for me. Truck is in Louisville so plan accordingly. So here’s my for sale pitch:

Great condition most revered diesel (2001) Ford F-250 ever built. 7.3L International! One of the last few with forged rods. 188k miles. Has new Apple CarPlay unit with back up camera. 4x4. Supercab. Red. Method wheels. BFG AT’S midlife. XM. Red head steering box. CT performance fuel and oil return systems. New alternator, water pump, batteries and battery electrical cabling. Cool fab fours steel bumpers. Neat softtopper foldable canvas topper. LineX bed and front grill. Bilstein shocks. Ford AIS intake. Never wrecked except for a long ago mild fender bender. No appreciable damage. Maintained extremely well. Service records saved. 100 hp tune and most definitely not abused and not set up to roll coal. Mature owner. Rarely used to tow. Daily driver. Owned for 10 years now. Only blemish is paint starting to bubble above right rear tire. Make an offer however I’m under no pressure to sell. NOT lifted and daily driver so miles will increase. And just a gentle FYI most banks will not lend on a vehicle of this age. You can’t duplicate this kind of a truck without spending tons more it’s ready to drive! More pics upon request by interested parties. Thanks.

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