100 Mph Dry Lake Bed Runs..


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Jun 18, 2022
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I hope the damage is repaired from some mfing azzzhole that went out onto the Racetrack and did donuts:mad::mad:
I lived in Vegas for almost 12 yrs b4 I went the first time. I thought WTH, just some more God forsaken Desert?
It truly is quite Amazing. On the same day I was able to go up over 10k feet and then to -230 feet! It should be on everyone’s list, especially if you like to get your Raptor Dirty. Not a place to Fuxk around in the summer. Go unprepared, prepare to die a slow hot miserable death…

It's 30 hours of driving for me to get there, so both times I've been has been flying in and then taking a rental. My plan is to do a big loop that includes Texas, New Mexico, California, and Utah for funsies with the Power Wagon. Maybe this coming March, but my son is enlisting and I can't make plans until I see when he ships, when his graduation ceremony will be, etc. If I'm free in March I plan to do the Bataan Memorial Death March and will incorporate that into the trip. If time is short, CA will have to be cut and do it later, but we'll see.