1. jesseh

    Factory OEM Beadlock Capable vs Beadlock Style Wheels

    Looking to switch out my factory NON-beadlock wheels with a wheel that has the "look" of the 2020 Factory OEM beadlock capable wheels. Found a "Raptor Beadlock Style" wheel at a reasonable price compared to the factory wheels I see on Ebay. Beadlock capability is not needed (mostly sand/dirt...
  2. IndianaRaptor

    Having trouble deciding what to do next ?

  3. SriRamJaiRam

    FOR SALE: (4) Gen.2 Raptor Ford Performance OEM Forged Beadlock 17" Wheels - $999

    (4) Raptor Gen. 2 Ford Performance OEM Forged Bead-lock 17" Wheels. 17" x 8.5" with a +34mm offset. 6 lug x 135 bolt pattern with 150mm back spacing. These are in perfect condition and were taken off a 2018 Ford Raptor. Only about 10,000 miles on the wheels. Never taken off road, street driven...