1. Toadster

    GEN 2 POLL: SPD Trombone - do you drone?

    There are some of us who experience drone around 2K rpm with the SPD trombone, I'd like to run this poll to see if we can determine if it's a year/mileage thing... When I reached out to SPD they said my 2017 with 54k miles may have blown out the OEM muffler packing so it may drone - let's see if...
  2. Toadster

    GEN 2 has anyone else ordered the SPD 2017-2020 Ford Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost Equal Length Resonator Delete

    just when I thought I was done with add-ons, SPD comes out with this trombone midpipe 3.5L EcoBoost Equal Length Resonator Delete, RDFR20EL Our equal length resonator delete kit is a game changer for the Gen 2 Raptors. Now your Gen 2 can sound like a Gen 3! Our equal length "trombone"...