supercharged raptor

  1. 2011SilverScab

    GEN 1 Calling Fellow Whippled/Supercharged Gen 1 Owners! Wisdom or Advice

    Hiya everyone, fairly recently got a Stage 1 Whipple kit put on my 2011 Gen 1 SCab, bought it at 79k and at ~95k miles on it now with maybe 1k with the blower. No major issues since ive owned it besides AC kicking the radiator fans on high and now getting ~8MPG in the city lol. This is my first...
  2. D

    2014 SE GEN 1 Supercharged, lots of mods, 60k miles

    MAR 18 PRICE DROP—-NOW AT 37k$ I live 20 minutes away from Livonia Michigan across the border. Can accommodate the buyer and deliver anywhere close to Detroit area. Whipple supercharged and highly modified with all invoices attached. Over 50k in mods. All pictures including all the small...
  3. L

    2013 Readiness Monitor issue

    I just picked up a 2013 6.2, Whipple supercharged, the previous owner did not know all details about the vehicle build . He had someone take care of everything for him. Truck is perfect and runs amazing but is not passing readines monitors for cat, and oxygen sensors. The truck has an SCT...
  4. Shrugy

    GEN 1 Nice To Meet Everyone! (Check Engine Light Help) on my Raptor Stage 2 Roush Supercharged 2011 Screw (New To Me)

    Hey Everyone, I've recently acquired a 2011 White Roush Stage 2 Supercharged Raptor! Exterior and Interior are MINT! Extremely happy. With any new vehicle, i'm still trying to learn everything I need to know and my main concern right now is mechanically having this many miles along with a...