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    Recaro seat nightmare - wish I had my money back!

    So 11k miles on my 2019 garage queen that has seen a couple long, high speed Utah trails... but generally helped me get to Starbucks in style. About 1000 miles ago I noticed a squeak under my seat pad every time the road is a bit bumpy, on turns, etc. So playing around with it, I realized the...
  2. C

    Horrible Squeaking Please Help

    So I have this squeaking that occurs when I go over tiny and large bumps as well as when I turn the steering wheel at low speeds. Ford thought it was the right front upper control arm so I replaced both UCAs with Camburgs and spacers and the noise still persists. Any ideas would be greatly...
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    Leaf spring help

    Went off roaring and when I got home I noticed a squeak coming from the leaf spring. does anyone know if my leaf spring went or does it just need to be tightened? Any help would be appreciated I attached pictures of both and as you can tell the first pics last leaf spring has a gap.